No joy – haiku

How much inner love

Can come from hating yourself

Change your thoughts and life

Choose to be happy with yourself

No joy in hatred

Love will heal your broken heart

No joy – haiku – written January 2010 (approximately!)

I love writing haiku’s because (a little like flash fiction stories) they are short and get to the point quickly. One of the things I did a lot as a teenager was to hate myself. The way I looked, my height and weight and even how clever I believed myself to be (or not be) all contributed to a lack of self-esteem, which gave me no joy in life.

Then one day I thought about how much love could possibly come from a continuous self loathing and I set out to change my life by changing my thoughts. Self love did indeed heal my broken heart and help me focus far more on happiness but it wasn’t an easy road – it look years and I took 10 steps back for every 2 steps I took forward.

If you find there is no joy in your life give the practise of self love a go and see how that changes your perspective. All it really takes is a willingness to look at your life. Eliminate and/or manage anything you tolerate/put up with that you no longer want in your life. Move away from people who do not uplift you and spend time with more of the type of people you want to become. That’s really all I did to change my life.