Mama Africa flash fiction story accepted at Ether books

I have decided to celebrate every little success, no matter how small, because I recognise that it is the small steps that add up and lead on to us achieving something huge.

So, yesterday, when I received and email from Ether books letting me know that my flash fiction story (for those not in the know flash fiction is a short story between 500-1000 words long) Mama Africa has been accepted I was very happy. It is my very first story to be published on something other than my own blog.

Ether books provide a range of different short stories that are available to download via their mobile phone app. You can register and read (or register and submit if you are a writer) and many of them are free but you can also charge.

My story is here


Mama Africa is one of the stories contained in my first book The Last Hut (available on Amazon as a Kindle)