Juice Cleanse Weight Loss Results August 2014

I will add my video here once I have finished editing it but today I wanted to include my juice cleanse weight loss results for August 2014. I have been “stuck” in 20 stones (280 lbs) bracket for three months now, which was bothering me.

I wasn’t sticking to my “clean eating” and I certainly wasn’t juicing very much since the start of the school summer holidays at the end of July. In fact I was eating my usual junk most days.

With all of that I was happy that I hadn’t put on any weight but I noticed that my weight was not moving downwards.

I will say that this is about health for me. Ultimately, this is a health journey for life and I do feel better but the reward of being healthy (in my mind) is for my weight to drop.

Once I completed my first 24 hour fast (which took around 2 years to happen) I knew I could do it again.

Just for today juice cleanse

So, I came up with the Just for today juice cleanse idea and on the 28th August through to the 31st August I set out to juice all day every day.

I managed the first day okay and by the end of the second day I was hungry so I ate something. It was healthy. Salmon and roasted vegetables.

The next day I set out again to fast just for one day but by the evening I had eaten again. This time not so healthy, eggs, bacon, beans and bread. I ate around 5pm and didn’t eat anything else until 11am the next day when I had a green juice.

30th August I managed to complete another day of just juicing but by late morning on the 31st August I was ready to eat, so I did.

What was the result?

My juice cleanse weight loss results – I started off at 20 stone 4 lbs (283lbs, 128 kilos) and ended at 19 stone 10lbs (276 lbs and 125 kilos)

Making a total of 8lbs lost over the 4 day period, which is brilliant.

Success breeds the desire for more

This outcome has spurred me on to keep going.

Now, I want to continue to experience more success. Experiencing this juice cleanse weight loss results has made me want to experience it again and again.

I am still doing all of this with inconsistent and very little exercise. I got myself into a “short of” routine doing something 30 minutes every day, but that too stopped at the end of July.

I am not pushing myself too hard on the exercise front but have made a promise that by the time I reach 19 stone 7lbs (and my exercise bra fits – I have refused to buy a bigger size!!!) I will definitely start with a solid plan and an ongoing commitment.

I went into my new office yesterday and visited the gym. I officially start there on Monday 8th September and I will be able to use the treadmill and cross trainer. They also have a vibrating plate that looks interesting.

Why 19 stone 7 lbs (240 lbs)?

The reason I decided to start exercising at this weight is because this was my starting weight back in 2010.

In 2010 I worked out with a personal trainer once a week, also attended her strength training exercise class once a week and worked out alone once a week.

Those three sessions a week helped me to feel fantastic and my weight loss was around 26 lbs (11.79 kilos).

I ate a high protein, low sugar diet. Lean meats and vegetables. However, I was still eating loads of carbs in between. I found it much harder to stick to back then than I do now.

I am just more determined because back then it was about my holiday. Once my holiday was over so was the healthy eating. Slowly but surely over a year I stopped my high protein low sugar diet and went back to the carbs.

This time it is about my health. It is something I am doing for life.

I went from 19 stone 7lbs (240lbs) to 17 stones 9lbs in 12 weeks

That is why I choose that weight at which to start exercising. I am hoping my juice cleanse weight loss results will be much more powerful with exercise.

I also want to compare how long it will take me to lose the same 26lbs again because this is my next weight loss goal. To get to 17 stones 9lbs, which will mean I will lose 2 stone 1lbs (25lbs) based on where I am now at 19 stones 10lbs.

Another mindset shift

I think completing a 24-hour fast more than once has also shifted my mindset. I realise I don’t have to be so obsessed about eating food and when I will next eat.

In the past if I was going out my first concern was always what should I eat before I leave, what will I eat when I am out and where will I be able to eat. I thought about food more than anything else.

Now, because I have made peace with my hunger. I feel like I can go out and if I don’t get to eat for a few hours I know IT WON’T KILL ME! I WON’T STARVE…

I can actually walk around hungry and be okay because at any minute I can pop into a shop and buy some bottled water, drink that and be satisfied. Or I can find a juice bar or just wait until I get home.