Overcoming detoxification headaches

When I first started using vegetable juicing to cleanse my body detoxification headaches were common for me. They became one of the reasons I didn’t want to continue fasting or juicing.

Eventually though, after reading up a little on the health benefits of juicing, I recognised that my body was simply getting rid of all the toxins I had stored up in it.

All the bad food, old food (rotting away in my gut), chemicals and sugars that have been invading my body are released and hopefully the majority of them removed.

Unfortunately, one of the effects of this wonderful detox was a headache and sometimes it was quite a bad one.

As long as I didn’t go back to old habits of eating junk every day I realised there was no reason why I should suffer with detoxification headaches again. And that was the key – I had to use a juice cleanse or water fast as a way to begin a healthier lifestyle, one in which I was eating healthy live foods.

That wasn’t always my reality though. Pizza, bread and chips made their way back in my life but with each new detox (and sometimes that detox was to stop eating them for weeks or months) the detoxification headaches returned but they were never as painful.

Cause of detoxification headaches

So what causes these detoxification headaches? As I said earlier the body is getting rid of chemicals and toxins.

If you drink a lot of coffee you may experience caffeine withdrawal (and possibly irritability). I don’t drink coffee and occasionally drink tea so this wasn’t a big deal for me.

Using Self Massage

Touch has a healing power and there are many ways we can help ourselves through pain using self-massage. I love using it on my feet and face. I do a sort of face yoga with it. In the video below David goes through how to massage your head if you have a headache.


From the comments left on YouTube this could be an effective way of overcoming detoxification headaches. I haven’t used it myself, so let me know if you do.

Using EFT

One technique I love to use for many things and one I am trained in is called EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique. It uses meridian points in the body that are blocked. As we tap with our fingers these blockages are released leaving us free (or freer) from the negative emotions that keep us stuck.

I used it to help me increase my self-confidence and to put an end to the ongoing cycle of worry and fear I lived with in my 30s.

I also used it (eventually when my son reminded me to) to help me overcome my detoxification headaches. You can use it for all kinds of things but most times I forget all about it.

EFT is a technique that you have to keep using until you make it work. Just because you tap once and give up that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means you have to keeping tapping UNTIL it works!

I will definitely be using it on my “Just For One Day Juice Cleanse and Water Fast” journey.

In the video below, Robert G Smith uses his own version of EFT to help someone with their headache. I thought it might be a useful video to watch for the next time you suffer with detoxification headaches or any other kind of headache.


If you are experiencing headaches it is always a good idea to get them checked out by a professional. For the majority of us it will just be a case of our body getting rid of bad toxins but I am not a medical professional and have no idea what it could be in your case. Persistent headaches should always be checked out by a Doctor.