High Protein Diet vs High Carbohydrate Diet

I have recently come across a few people on YouTube who eat a high carbohydrate diet. I didn’t realise that kind of eating existed. The people who follow it eat plenty of pasta and huge amounts of fruit.

That got me thinking about high protein diet vs high carbohydrate diet and whether one is better than the other. Loving balance I think I might actually enjoy both. A high protein day followed by a high carbohydrate day.

High Protein Diet

A high protein diet consists of keeping carbohydrates to a minimum. The most famous high-protein diet being The Atkins Diet.

The idea is to increase the protein rich foods we eat because eating a high protein diet leaves us feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer.

The biggest pro for eating a high protein diet is focused on the fact that our body needs carbohydrates to burn as fuel and if there is not enough of it the body will then begin to use up the fat stored in our body as fuel instead. A great alternative.

I love focusing on high praotein diet because I have seen the fat from my upper arms and stomach disappearing as I have lost weight. I have never known that to happen in this way in the past. It is a combination of enjoying the vegetable juicing (remember you can get protein from many green vegetables) and when I do eat focusing on high protein.

The main disadvantages to eating this way is the food I sometimes choose to eat have been linked to high cholesterol and the increase of heart disease.

I must admit to using the need to increase my protein intake to enjoy full fat milk, cheese and eat sausage, bacon and egg for breakfast.


When carbohydrates are cut in this way two definite symptoms that might be experienced are constipation and bad breath.

Meat contains no carbohydrates at all but the body really does need it. That much I have learnt over the years and so even if I follow a high protein diet I will get my protein (and carbohydrates of course) from plant food. Something even The Atkin Diet had to introduce.

Recently I have been reading and learning about why the human body isn’t made to process animal meat. I don’t think it will make me a non-eater of meat immediately but I am certainly open to cutting down and maybe getting my protein from fish instead.

Here is a great article by Dr McDougall called Low-Carb vs Plant-Based Diet – who really does not like this form of eating.

High Carbohydrate Diet

In comparison a high carbohydrate diet encourages you to enjoy eating more carbs. The mistake here is in believing you can then fill your body with bread, cakes etc

People who eat a high carbohydrate diet tend to eat more fruit and vegetables, which obviously gives them a much healthier eating program than over indulging in animal meat. It means you get to enjoy all kinds of fruits (including my favourite bananas) and eating this way you could find it easier to move over to a vegan or vegetarian plant-based lifestyle.

Less fatty, saturated and trans fat are consumed using a high carbohydrate diet. It really is important that nuts are included and a good mixture of plant-based foods, nuts, grains and pulses are included while the cakes and croissants are limited!

I have read that when you eat protein you feel fuller for longer but my own experience has been that eating carbs helps me feel much fuller for longer.

If I eat 2 sausages and two eggs for breakfast I find the hunger pangs return much quicker than if I eat a bowl of porridge.

The porridge helps me feel fuller and it lasts longer. An hour after eating the sausages and eggs I am already feeling hunger pangs and I usually drink water to help get rid of them.


It is really easy to over indulge on a high carbohydrate diet. Again, if it is mainly plant based that shouldn’t be a major issue.

Also, it is easier to put on weight using a high carbohydrate diet and exercise will definitely need to be an important component if you find yourself eating carbs that are not plant based and contain wheat (and probably sugar).

Eating a high carbohydrate diet that is plant based means our body may become deficient in vitamin B12 and zinc – however there are other ways of getting those through grains and pulses.

Enjoying bananas

I recently came across someone called Freelee the Banana Girl and I LOVE bananas so would embrace this lifestyle in a heart beat but I need to be more discerning than that and check it out for long term effects. Freelee has been eating her high carbohydrate lifestyle for 8 years now and looks lean and healthy – as do the two people in the video below.


You can check out their YouTube channel Happy Healthy Vegan

I have to admit that this lifestyle seems to resonate with me – I can’t understand why right now but whenever I watch what they eat I really want to get started with it NOW! But fools rush in… and I have been a fool many times over the years so I will take my time.


So which one is better?

After looking into a high protein diet vs a high carbohydrate diet, from what I have discovered so far both ways of eating have their advantages and their disadvantages.

I remember years ago joining Slimming World. It was several years and if I remember it right they would encourage you to have a red and a green day. A red day was meat and a green day carbs. Maybe they have the right approach to making weight loss happen for the long-term. Rather than focus on one or the other why not engage in both.

Ultimately, we all have different bodies that react in different ways to what we are eating. What works for me might not work for you so they only thing you can do is experiment and find what works for you.

I know drinking vegetable juice as a breakfast and/or lunch helped me because at the very least I increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet.  So maybe that is a major plus for a high carbohydrate diet.

If you haven’t tried vegetable juicing for weight loss I encourage you to give it a go.

Just replace your lunchtime sandwiches and crisps with a vegetable juice for a month and see what difference that makes.

The great thing is it can all be done a little at a time. I didn’t rush in and go straight on a 7 day juice cleanse. In fact at this moment in time the most I have managed is a one-day juice cleanse!

What I do is eat in the evening after drinking vegetable juice all day and it has helped me lose nearly 3 stones so far (42 lbs) which is great.

I am still experimenting with water fasting and still finding out whether my body would prefer a high carbohydrate diet that is mainly plant based or a high protein diet that includes meat. I will take whatever time I need to really listen to what my body wants before I decide.

What is your opinion on a high protein diet vs high carbohydrate diet? Leave your comments below and let me know. I would welcome any new insights.