Teff – Ethiopian Super Grain

Teff is a grain that has been named a super food (or at least a super grain) because it contains a large number of nutrients that we need. High in fibre, protein, iron, vitamin C and calcium, plus its gluten-free.

Grown in Ethopia originally it is made into flour and is a staple of their diet. It is fermented and turned into a pancake-like food called Injera.

On a plant-based diet teff is a great choice and although Quiona is a firm favourite Teff could definitely give it a run for its money.

As it is a staple in Ethopia the government are not keen on the Western world driving up the price so they don’t allow export of it, however it is grown in other countries and exported around the world.

I found out about it after watching a program on tv called the 50 Best Diets in the World. England was in the early 30s, America in the 40s and some of the healthier countries like Ethopia were close to the top. Their diet consists of very little meat (meat is a treat) and diary. They eat manly plants and carbs/starch. It was a way of eating I could see myself adopting as I have been researching a high starch diet over the last few weeks.

Teff in the News

Teff has been making headlines because it is such a health food.

In the Guardian they state that

“…growing appetite for traditional crops and booming health-food and gluten-free markets are breathing new life into the grain…” Source: Teff – next big super grain

Because Teff is gluten free a number of celebrities eat it and once that happens it usually ends up in expensive health food shops and supermarkets, just like quinoa did. An article on the Huffington Post explains what teff is and mentions the celebrities who love to eat it.

You can listen to an interview on BBC4 about the grain HERE

The best place to try Teff will be in an Ethiopian restaurant.

I have never tasted fermented bread, which is what Injera is, and I am a little cautious to try it made by a professional before attempting anything myself. If you are interested there is a recipe for Teff HERE – the flour is mixed with water and then left for three days to ferment – so not a quick cook!

Teff super grain

There are two types of Teff – one makes dark injera bread and the other light.


Injera bread made from Teff

Light Injera bread


Teff is made into injera and eaten with stews - vegetarian and meat.