I never knew what to do with my leftover juice pulp. I don’t have a compost heap to throw it on so usually it went in the bin, which is a real shame.

Then I started reading about different ways the leftovers could be used and I decided to give it a go.

Different ways I have used leftover juice pulp include:

– Added it to pasta sauce
– Added some to my healthy soup recipes to help thicken them up
– Turned it into body scrubs and/or face masks
– Use it in a smoothie – I don’t make smoothies often but I did this once
– I added some kale and spinach pulp to my scrambled eggs
– I am experimenting with pancakes made from Teff flour and have added juice pulp into it. Its a work in progress.

The video below was one of the first times I used myย leftover juice pulp.

Its for Juice Pulp Croquettes. Once I realised I could do more than just bin my pulp it put me on the hunt for a few more juice pulp recipes:

I made this using my own ingredients. I pretty much used everything in the video except I added cayenne pepper and Djoin mustard, which helped to give them a kick.

My vegetables were celery, pak choi, carrot, beetroot (beets), and watercress. I juiced all of that first and set it aside. I didn’t include the juice from the lemon and pineapple or ginger – although next time I will include the ginger.

They were really tasty and filing. So, I juiced today and ate these with salad, making today a great plant day. I included some extra Tahini on top.


You can make ice lollies (popsicles) with them. I found one using green juice pulp

Spaghetti and vegan meatballs using leftover juice pulpย – this is a great recipe and, like it says, if you find your juice pulp meatballs fall apart it makes for a great not bolognese sauce!

Veggie burgers

Here’s a lovely quiche recipe using juice pulp

If you have a food dehydrator you can also use your juice pulp to make crackers and other things.

So, that is all of the leftover juice pulp recipes I have found so far. I know there are many out there. Its all about experimenting and seeing what works I guess. Mainly I prefer to use them on my face and skin than to eat them to be honest.

Leftover Juice Pulp Recipes