Favorite green juice

I have been making my favorite green juice today. It is a fairly simple recipe and very light on the ‘green’ taste. Plus it is economical because you get a lot of juice out of the vegetables.

One of the downsides of juicing carrots is you need a lot of carrots to make a little juice. Using ingredients like celery and cucumber it is definitely the other way around – plenty of juice with less veg.

So if you are on a budget using vegetables that produce a lot of juice is the way to go.

My favorite green juice includes:
2 apples

1 whole cucumber

1 whole pack celery

Spinach or kale to top up the jar

Half a lemon

I tend to juice the cucumber, celery, half a lemon and apples. This fills up around three quarters of a litre jar. Then I juice my kale or spinach until the jar is full.