Middle Of The Road

Roger McDonald lived his life with a clear understanding that nothing came from complaining about how bad life can be. Every morning he opened his carpet shop, one of four he owned, and greeted his customers not so much with a “can do” attitude but not with a “can’t do” one either. Roger’s life was … Continue reading Middle Of The Road

Just Moving (micro-fiction story)

We were always running. My mum and me. Packing up what few belongs we had and moving in a new direction. No particular place. Just moving. I was never sure who or what we were running from but no sooner had we settled and no sooner had I made a few friends, and we were … Continue reading Just Moving (micro-fiction story)

Saturday Shelfie – Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine

In reply to Cultured Life's Saturday Shelfie (love that name!) I thought I would share what I have been reading all day today. It is a magazine (more like a book to me) published by the University of Chester called Flash, The International Short-Short Story Magazine. I am reading the October 2013 edition (again) because … Continue reading Saturday Shelfie – Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine

A lifetime of guitar tunes

He was given his first guitar when he was four years old. It was green, plastic, with no strings; still it obsessed him. It played tunes when buttons were pressed but it was limited. Guitar lessons started age eight, after his father bought him a ‘grown up’ guitar, and his teacher taught him to play … Continue reading A lifetime of guitar tunes