Mass Observation 12th May

It is the 10th anniversary of the Mass Observation annual call for day diaries. On 12th May every year the Mass Observation Archive ask people in the UK to write down their activities for the day. This is then stored and used for teaching, learning and research. The first time mass observation took place was … Continue reading Mass Observation 12th May

Either I win or I learn

I am continuing on my journey towards helping the self saboteur within work with me rather than against me. I don't believe it is worth trying to eliminate it completely because it plays a part in my life. I would just like it to stop playing such a very active part and to sit back … Continue reading Either I win or I learn

Harmful Skin Care Products

In the past, skin enhancers and beauty supplements were made out of leaves, tree barks. Today, various skincare treatments and products are widely available in stores, salons, spas, markets, and other beauty establishments. It is easier than ever for men and women to achieve and maintain smooth and beautiful skin. However, not all skincare products … Continue reading Harmful Skin Care Products

Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream

The Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream actually provides visible results that you will love. Fine lines fade while firmness is restored. This cream was created to remove the need for cosmetic produces and injections by dramatically reducing skin ageing concerns in the comfort of your own home. The 45+ day cream has been proven to reduce … Continue reading Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream