Reactions to a juice cleanse

There are many different reactions to a juice cleanse that our body may go through. It can range from absolutely no adverse reaction at all to being completely bed ridden and unable to move for a few days. What makes the difference? The biggest contributor will be how unhealthy your diet is before you start. … Continue reading Reactions to a juice cleanse

Tips on how to lose one pound a week

For those of us sick of the ups and downs of losing then gaining weight I wanted to provide some tips on how to lose one pound a week. I am sticking to using my juice cleanse and I am also focused on eating really healthy foods plus monitoring my calorie intake. Myfitnesspal is great … Continue reading Tips on how to lose one pound a week

Plant-based protein dinner

I thought I would share my plant-based protein dinner today after a friend recently asked me how I get my protein when I follow a plant based diet. It is a poplar question from people interested in adopting a more plant-based way of life. People are mainly concerned about calcium and protein - both of … Continue reading Plant-based protein dinner