Losing 1lb a week

Losing 1lb A Week in weight sounds like it should be easy. After all, who can't manage to lose just one pound a week? You may be surprised at what it takes! I wanted to provide some tips and information in case you, like me, are interested in the slowly but surely weight loss attempt. … Continue reading Losing 1lb a week

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Score

I have found it to be really important when using intermittent fasting to monitor calories. After a fast it is really easy to go crazy and eat all kinds of food, which isn't healthy, and mess up your weight loss results. I use myfitnesspal and put in all the food I have eaten as a … Continue reading Total Daily Energy Expenditure Score

Intermittent Fasting Information

Intermittent fasting turns everything I ever read/thought I knew about eating well (and especially about eating breakfast) upside down and inside out. For all the information I have read about not starving the body, intermittent fasting (or IT) says our body needs a rest from eating every now and again and it will do us … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting Information