The Silence

It rings out from empty pages and forgotten journals. It follows me as I watch TV and sit in the garden admiring the red of the robins chest. I want to do something about it but resistance grips me and another day goes by without a word written or a story shared. I can only … Continue reading The Silence

Poetry : Dark clouds that won’t drift

some days I am so miserable and so unhappy if you ask me why I couldn’t tell you seems strange being in a constant feeling of doom, down, under dark clouds that refuse to drift and yet to be anywhere else would be a lie. I’ve been told that brighter days are ahead but that … Continue reading Poetry : Dark clouds that won’t drift

Anxiety to peace – spiritual poetry

Tension causes worry Worry causes fear Fear brings on anxiety How can God live there? Faith opens doors Words bring it to life Grace causes miracles Overcoming all your strife Hope takes on hopelessness Love brings you peace Connecting in the moment Is the choice you always keep When life seems overwhelming I know choice … Continue reading Anxiety to peace – spiritual poetry

Beautiful middle age woman

Why can’t you see where your beauty lies? Not in your body but within your eyes Lost in confusion of how things were Desperate for times of youth, of hope Eternally wanting what you can’t have Stop and ahead of you, there’s more to see The beauty of knowing how far you’ve come Why waste … Continue reading Beautiful middle age woman

No joy – haiku

How much inner love Can come from hating yourself Change your thoughts and life Choose to be happy with yourself No joy in hatred Love will heal your broken heart No joy - haiku - written January 2010 (approximately!) I love writing haiku’s because (a little like flash fiction stories) they are short and get … Continue reading No joy – haiku