Healthy Tango’d juicing recipe

This juicing recipe is bright orange. I don't usually juice this much fruit with so little vegetables but they are all great ingredients to aid weight loss (or so I read) so I thought why not Healthy Tango'd 6 Carrot, 1 pink grapefruit 1 orange or a few clementines 1 lemon and knob of ginger … Continue reading Healthy Tango’d juicing recipe

6-months vegetable juicing weight loss update

This is my 6-months vegetable juicing weight loss update and I am doing well. Vegetable juicing has finally given me the result I want and that is to reduce my weight. I have hardly exercised at all. I certainly have no definite routine in place. Just changing my food has helped me. By reducing the … Continue reading 6-months vegetable juicing weight loss update