Carrot & Apple Juice

Sometimes it is nice to keep things simple and have as few ingredients as possible. That's why I love carrot and apple vegetable juicing because I only need the two ingredients. Another two ingredients I love to use are celery and cucumber. A simple green vegetable juice but you have to add something so it … Continue reading Carrot & Apple Juice

Parsley and Kale Vegetable Juice

I thought I would start the New Year with a juice cleanse. My first juice of 2018 is this parsley and kale vegetable juice containing: 1 bag of organic kale 1 large pot of parsley 3 celery sticks 1/4 pineapple 1 apple, a chunk of ginger and half an organic lemon Usually my first juice … Continue reading Parsley and Kale Vegetable Juice

Apple and Carrot Vegetable Juicing

If you want to start simple I recommend you start with apple and carrot vegetable juicing. You can include lemon and ginger too if you like although I find ginger is a little too strong for this delicate dish. One additional extra I do love is celery. Apple, carrot, celery and a little juice of … Continue reading Apple and Carrot Vegetable Juicing

How I motivate myself to stick to vegetable juicing

I have tried many times to stick to vegetable juicing and failed, or at least gave up in that moment. Drinking nothing but vegetable juice all day when I was so used to stuffing my face full of food was difficult. It's probably why for the first two years of having a juicer it spent … Continue reading How I motivate myself to stick to vegetable juicing