72 hour water fast challenge

I have decided to attempt a 72 hour water fast starting April 10th. I want to use up what little food I have around me before I begin. This 72 hour water fast will be a mental battle for me. It's more about my mindset and what I tell myself when I am fasting. So … Continue reading 72 hour water fast challenge

April 7 Weight loss update

I really wanted to focus on something else other than my weight this year but as we are keeping safe and staying in there really isn't much more to talk about. So, this is my fasting weight loss update video made on April 6th 2020 and I am currently 200.8 lbs. In December 2019 I … Continue reading April 7 Weight loss update

Health benefits of water fasting

I have always hated the word fasting because for me it means "to go without food!" but when I started looking to the health benefits of water fasting it helped me change my mind. I had already looked into the health benefits of vegetable juicing and knew all about that, so I wondered at times … Continue reading Health benefits of water fasting