Cabbage Broccoli Black Bean Broth

Today I made cabbage broccoli black bean broth, which also included garlic. I heated one litre of water, added vegetable bouillon, curry powder, Celtic salt and cayenne pepper to it. Once boiling I added the broccoli and cabbage to it. Let it boil and then simmered for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I added the … Continue reading Cabbage Broccoli Black Bean Broth

Cabbage Broccoli coriander soup

Today I made cabbage broccoli coriander soup. It was YUMMY! One of my best soups so far and one I will definitely be making again tomorrow. It is definitely a green vegetable weight loss soup to replace all my green vegetable juicing while its so cold. Here are the ingredients Cabbage Broccoli Coriander Soup Cabbage … Continue reading Cabbage Broccoli coriander soup

Cauliflower spinach cabbage and broccoli soup

Today I made cauliflower spinach cabbage and broccoli soup I didn't have much spinach so I used what was in the fridge and the cauliflower was about average size. I really need to get myself a larger saucepan to cook my soups in because I just about managed to squash this all in. This cauliflower, spinach, … Continue reading Cauliflower spinach cabbage and broccoli soup